Books by Götting

Released: Aug. 1, 2010

This introduction to the Christian Bible uses a simple format that is accessible both to younger children and new readers. Forty Bible stories are retold with just a few sentences for each story or incident, sometimes giving just an introductory glimpse of a larger story and sometimes breaking one story into several spreads. The text is set in large type on the left-hand pages against an attractive corresponding illustration on the right-hand pages. The paintings used for the illustrations use a variety of perspectives and a palette of deep shades that suggests an ancient setting. The clear and simple format provides an accessible introduction to major stories and characters in the Bible, which is often difficult for parents and Sunday school teachers to find in one package. Bibliographical references and an index are included on the final page. A related volume by the same author, Animals of the Bible for Young Children, illustrated by Aurélia Fronty (ISBN: 978-0-8028-5376-9), uses an identical format to summarize stories from the Bible from a different perspective, focusing on animals as the unifying principle. (Picture book/religion. 4-8)Read full book review >