Books by Gonzalo Lira

ACROBAT by Gonzalo Lira
Released: May 1, 2001

"Lira (Counterparts, 1998) is an edgy, energetic storyteller, and his spin on a well-worn genre has it frisking about almost as if newly minted."
It's not George Smiley's kind of spycraft, but it's complex enough and no less deadly. Read full book review >
COUNTERPARTS by Gonzalo Lira
Released: Jan. 5, 1998

"Cannonball action and word-of-mouth may carry this to the moon."
Dizzyingly sophisticated debut spy thriller, character-driven with big splashy action sequences, all earning Lira, a 28-year-old recent Dartmouth graduate born in Chile, a million-dollar advance. Read full book review >