Books by Greg Dinallo

RED INK by Greg Dinallo
Released: June 15, 1994

Dinallo (Final Answers, 1992) doesn't stop once to catch his breath as his tale of modern Russia whisks readers from Moscow to Cuba and back to Moscow. Nikolai Katkov, an ex-alcoholic Moscow journalist, learns that an official named Vorontsov has been murdered and robbed of valuable medals. He submits a story on the crime to Pravda, only to see it rewritten by a staff member who deletes the most juicy detail—a hint that the murder may have been tied to international organized crime. The trail of Katkov's continued investigation leads to a local gangster who guides the journalist through the Moscow underworld. While poking around, Katkov barely avoids a hit man's bullets. A tough, sexy US Treasury agent named Gabriella Scotto becomes interested in his search when she reads his article; it turns out that she is working on the same case. After perusing some of Vorontsov's personal documents, Scotto and Katkov discover a connection between the dead man and Michael Rubineau (short for Rubinowitz), a Russian-American racketeer/embezzler who is shipping two billion missing dollars to a Baltimore warehouse, from which it will ultimately be sent to Rubineau's resort in Cuba. The pair follow the loot, and Katkov discovers that his close friend Yuri and the reporter who mangled his story are both in on the scheme. Scotto and Katkov confront Rubineau with his crimes; after a lengthy shootout, Katkov returns to Moscow to settle accounts with Yuri. Although Yuri reveals that he saved Katkov's life several times, their friendship ends. The chemistry between Scotto and Katkov—sexual but unconsummated—gradually proves memorable. Suspenseful, fast-paced throughout, a surprising entertainment and a riveting read. Read full book review >
FINAL ANSWERS by Greg Dinallo
Released: Aug. 3, 1992

A Vietnam vet finds his name on the Vietnam Memorial and uses his considerable resources to find out how and why it got there, rattling cages from Washington to Bangkok in the process. Dinallo is also the author of Purpose of Evasion and Rocket's Red Glare. Highly successful actuary A. Calvert Morgan has done extremely well for himself since a land mine ended his stint as a Ranger in Vietnam. A house in Malibu, a prosperous business, a happy marriage, and children—all have smoothed over the terrors of that bitter war, and he's been able to put the experience from his mind. Then, on his first visit to the Memorial, Morgan finds, in addition to the names of his comrades, his own. Finding out how the name got there becomes an obsession, taking him on a search that involves his formidable number-crunching skills, numerous rather obscure government agencies, and the organizations that support families of the men who never returned from Southeast Asia. He is not just dealing with a clerical error. Almost as soon as he begins to dig, Calvert feels pressure to let the matter drop. His failure to do so results in the death of his wife, escalating his search into a mission that takes him back to Indo-China and to a one-man war against the powerful local drug industry. His only ally is an intelligent and attractive woman whose husband is still on the list of those missing in action. A bittersweet and clever thriller, flawed occasionally by cartoonish violence. Read full book review >