Books by Gregory Mcdonald

SNATCH by Gregory Mcdonald
Released: Feb. 7, 2017

"Both of these complicated plots feel like rough drafts of the more polished entertainment they might have been."
A diplomat's son and a young member of the British nobility are kidnapped in capers that don't go as planned in this rerelease of two mysteries by the late Mcdonald. Read full book review >
FLYNN’S WORLD by Gregory Mcdonald
Released: June 24, 2003

"Flynn's painfully arch return intersperses shreds of detection with gleams of Mcdonald's trademark badinage (Skylar in Yankeeland, 1997, etc.) and uncomfortable polemic."
Since a dead spy and a live cop are basically indistinguishable, Francis Xavier Flynn (Flynn's In, 1984, etc.) is back on the Boston police force after a year in hiding at Loch Nafooie, Ireland, where his boss, John Roy Priddy (a.k.a. Read full book review >
SKYLAR IN YANKEELAND by Gregory Mcdonald
Released: Jan. 1, 1997

"Perhaps the liveliest of Mcdonald's recent books, though the multiple domestic crises never do grow together—you can just see Mcdonald ticking them off as he wraps each one up and soldiers on to the next."
Even apart from their dinner for an unnamed foreign ambassador, it's been quite a Labor Day weekend for redneck sexpot Skylar Whitfield's northern cousins. Read full book review >
SKYLAR by Gregory Mcdonald
Released: July 1, 1995

"Better than Fletch's last two subpar adventures, though it's hard to see McDonald getting any more mileage out of Skylar."
McDonald, who's made a good living out of detective heroes too charming to be true (Fletch Reflected, Flynn's In, etc.), has a new one this time: Skylar Whitfield, the southern homeboy who raises hell with the young ladies of Greendowns County when he's not blowing mean trumpet music (Telemann, Hummel) at the local bar. Read full book review >
FLETCH REFLECTED by Gregory Mcdonald
Released: Sept. 15, 1994

"And the younger Fletch is the dumbest audience-broadening stunt since Paul Drake Jr."
A week after getting his legendary rogue journalist father I.M. Fletcher to help complete and file his exposÇ of the white-supremacist Tribe (Son of Fletch, 1993), Jack Fletcher Faoni is already infiltrating another shuttered little society. Read full book review >
SON OF FLETCH by Gregory Mcdonald
Released: Oct. 14, 1993

"Even so: welcome back, Fletch."
Back for his first adventure since Fletch Too (1986), the irrepressible reporter/detective comes home with his latest squeeze, Carrie, to his Tennessee homestead to find four escaped convicts in residence—one of them identifying himself as Jack Fletch Faoni, Fletch's long-lost—well, unsuspected—son. Read full book review >