Books by Gregory Orfalea

JOURNEY TO THE SUN by Gregory Orfalea
Released: Jan. 14, 2014

"A doggedly researched and fulsomely argued biography."
A California story becomes an American story: the prolix, passionate resurrection of the largely forgotten Spanish Franciscan priest who founded the early missions along the California coast. Read full book review >
THE ARAB AMERICANS by Gregory Orfalea
Released: March 1, 2006

"A start toward recording the history of an underdocumented, influential presence in American society, but be warned: The book has mistakes."
An idiosyncratic account of Arab immigrants and their native-born children in America. Read full book review >
Released: March 14, 1997

"A fine military history of a heroic, hitherto forgotten unit finally brought to light."
A son's record of his long, wide-ranging search to uncover his dead father's army experiences during WW II. Read full book review >