Books by Gustav Hasford

A GYPSY GOOD TIME by Gustav Hasford
Released: March 1, 1992

"Certainly not here, in this classically awful, unintentionally hilarious, hard-boiled rotten egg."
Dowdy Lewis, Jr., half owner of a Hollywood bookstore specializing in the Old West, is an alcoholic and self-pitying Vietnam vet, and has the misfortune to fall for a dish named Yvonna Lablaine, who works for a cheapo movie producer named Bird Cameron. Read full book review >
THE SHORT-TIMERS by Gustav Hasford
Released: Jan. 3, 1978

"A terse spitball of a book, fine and real and terrifying, that marks a real advance in Vietnam war literature."
The Vietnam War is starting to deliver: Herr's non-fictional Dispatches found the peculiar character of writing that this creepy conflict seems to require—and Hasford, in a first, autobiographical novel, husks it right down to the kernel. Read full book review >