Books by Haim Be’er

FEATHERS by Haim Be’er
Released: April 30, 2004

"A richly crafted ode to the past, this 1979 classic, now in a first English translation, was chosen by the National Yiddish Book Center as 'one of the 100 Greatest Works of Modern Jewish Literature.'"
Israeli Be'er (The Pure Element of Time, 2002, etc.) evokes a Jerusalem neighborhood as magical and surreal as a Chagall painting. Meanwhile, a young soldier recalls growing up there in the 1950s and '60s. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 20, 2002

As much memoir as fiction, this 1998 novel by a highly regarded contemporary Israeli writer charts a young writer's progress through the worlds of his childhood and his family's cherished memories and traditions to his emergence as a published novelist. Protagonist Haim Be'er himself offers crisp characterizations of his doting grandmother (a loquacious repository of legends and stories learned in the European shtetls), "independent" (and often impatient) mother, and passive father, a perpetually traumatized survivor of Russian pogroms. There are detailed allusions to Be'er's (as yet untranslated) earlier works, along with discursive analyses of the natures of memory and creativity. But it's also filled with vivid domestic episodes, brisk dialogue, and a moving appreciation of the mixed need to emerge from, and still belong to, the worlds of one's fathers and mothers. Read full book review >