Books by Hala Wittwer

MEOW by Jane Yolen
Released: Aug. 1, 2005

She-who-needs-no-introduction here retells several folktales from around the globe and sprinkles the collection with sayings and nursery rhymes all focusing on our feline friends. The usual suspects are present: the three little kittens and their mittens, the cat and its fiddle and the king of cats. The rest are well-told surprises even if they have lost much of the flavor of their countries of origin. The tale of why cats land on their feet from the Chippewa and a Tibetan story of two mice outwitting a greedy old cat are standouts. Other countries represented are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, India and Oman. Even collections replete with pussycat parables should consider this, since it marks the debut of an excellent artist. Wittwer's expressive, jewel-eyed kitties could convert the most ardent dog-lover. Despite the nepotism of placing her own Siamese center stage, her sinewy cats are cute and cruel, demur and dangerous. The selected reading list in the back lets readers know where nearly all the stories were born. Best where folktales are popular. (Picture book. 3-9)Read full book review >