Books by Hanne Türk

Released: Oct. 31, 1996

A birthday poem for each month of the year, showcasing particular parties and presents for the animal friends of Philipp the mouse. Polar Pete gets a purple pillow, Crockett Crocodile comes down with a predictable toothache, and Tammy Lamb is lost in the ``fluffy traffic jam'' that is the rest of her flock. Philipp's own birthday comes in December. The friends have their funny moments—Quacker the duck falls into his birthday cake, Pat and Paula Porcupine receive thimbles for their quills. The sentimental poems, wavering between sing-song verse and disjointed meter, are big on birthday cheer, have predictable punchlines, and follow prescribed notions of what adults believe kids find cute. Young children do love birthdays and will not miss the mirthful stories the pictures tell. A calendar where children can record the birthdays of friends and family makes the endpapers a plus. (Picture book. 3-5) Read full book review >