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MAUD by Harry Bruce
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

Throughout his account, Bruce shows that the well-loved Canadian author believed writing was ``the best method of soul cultivation.'' Raised by intolerant grandparents, she sought refuge in the beauty of Prince Edward Island and in her own richly imagined ``Fairyland,'' but especially in her writing. She wrote even when the temperature fell below zero in her unheated room, attended college when female students were so rare they were considered strange, and often forfeited sleep for years to write Anne of Green Gables while caring for her widowed grandmother. Bruce focuses on Montgomery's personal and artistic development, primarily from childhood through the publication and phenomenal success of Anne of Green Gables. Quotes from her works capture her lively spirit, while social context conveys the magnitude of obstacles she overcame. Though Bruce's narrative is usually clear—he shows how Montgomery's characters were inspired by real people and details her highly organized approach to the business of publishing—there's a less compelling sense of the author as wife and mother after she finally marries. An inspiring story of determination and hard work; alas, no chronology or index. Map; b&w photos. (Biography. 10+) Read full book review >