Books by Harvey Weiss

Released: Oct. 1, 1995

A trip through the history of flight, with Weiss (Maps: Getting from Here to There, 1991, etc.) at the helm. For all those who have ever dreamed of flying like a bird: Meet all the other dreamers, scientists, tower-jumpers, and balloon-launchers who tried to escape the bonds of gravity on the wings of their imaginations. A deft use of a second color, slate blue, gives the layout—peppered with black-and-white diagrams, amusing illustrations, and historical photographs of early flying machines- -an animated, accessible look. The text takes readers from the wax and feather wings of Icarus to the gliders of Sir George Cayley and the famous airplanes of the Wright Brothers. The scientific principles of aerodynamics are explained and interwoven into engaging stories about the pioneers of flight. Aspiring and inspired pilots can construct their own simple planes from easy-to- follow instructions Weiss has included. Entertaining and informative. (Nonfiction. 10-14) Read full book review >
MAPS by Harvey Weiss
Released: Nov. 25, 1991

An admirably lucid presentation of what maps are, how they're made, and their many different types and uses. Beginning with a sequence that moves from a map of Weiss's desk to maps of his room, house, town, and state to a map of ``the entire world,'' it includes discussions of scale, symbols, contour lines, latitude and longitude, the most frequently used projections, and several special purpose maps, such as marine charts and aircraft maps. A final chapter gives easily followed directions for mapping an area such as a backyard. The simple drawings are lively, well placed, and perfectly clear; unfortunately, the decision to use just two colors (black and brown) results in a couple of apologies when the important use of several colors (e.g., on an N.Y.C. subway map) can't be shown. Still, an excellent survey that nicely conveys the fascination of its many-faceted subject. (Nonfiction. 8-11) Read full book review >