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BLACK HOLES by Heather Couper
Released: May 21, 1996

The subtitle—``A journey to the heart of a black hole—and into one of the greatest mysteries of the universe''—pulls readers into an exciting book on astrophysics, replete with spectacular full-color diagrams and sweeping illustrations. Among the numerous topics: the life cycles of stars; the formation and structure of black holes; detecting black holes from the outside and imagining them from the inside; Newton's and Einstein's theories of gravity; Hawking's theories about exploding black holes; the idea that the universe itself is a black hole. No introduction to black holes would be complete without some science-fiction scenarios, and this book has its share of them: What if an astronaut falls into a black hole? Is there another universe on the other side? Is time travel possible? Accompanied by sharp illustrations that are at once technical and entertaining, the information is presented in fragments- -isolated paragraphs explicate the different parts of the diagrams- -that encourage readers to choose their own paths. With rigorous writing and a good sense of humor, this book will be enjoyed by a wide range of readers. (glossary, index) (Nonfiction. 8+) Read full book review >