Books by Heidi Holder

THE LORD’S PRAYER by Book of Common Prayer
Released: April 11, 2004

Holder has created a breathtaking interpretation of the Lord's Prayer, using the traditional wording from the 1928 edition of the Book of Common Prayer. Her artistic interpretation is anything but traditional, however, as she illustrates the text in dusky pastels without showing any people, using only animals, birds, and insects, complemented by flowers, plants, and a few buildings and artifacts. Printed on buff-colored paper with an antique look, the left-hand pages feature one phrase of the prayer with a large initial capital in gold, while the right-hand pages employ a full-page illustration with an arched top and intricately detailed surrounding borders. The illustration for "Give us this day our daily bread," for example, shows two birds pecking at bread crumbs, with a mouse hoping for a share. Corresponding borders show minuscule cats and dogs looking for food on deserted streets, with grapes and wheat incorporated into the design. Two concluding pages of author's notes explain the choice of flora and fauna and relevant biblical references in the illustrations. There are surprisingly few recent editions of the Lord's Prayer in illustrated format; this offering presents a new view of ancient words for all ages. (Religion. 4+)Read full book review >
CARMINE THE CROW by Heidi Holder
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

Holder revisits the enchanting world of Crows (1987) with a tale about an old crow who rescues a swan from a snare and is rewarded with a box of stardust that grants wishes. The crow hopes to be rich and handsome and have a wife; but before he gets home to put the stardust under his pillow, he generously gives it all away to other animals who tell him their needs. Having seen that their wishes have come happily true, he discovers a last grain of magic and wishes for youth—``And in the morning...Carmine's wish came true.'' Perhaps only adults will grasp the implication of death in this well-paced story; but it's the exquisitely detailed illustrations that bring it to life— with many of the appealing, meticulously portrayed animals sumptuously clothed, Carmine's collection of shiny objects entrancingly displayed in his wood-paneled treehouse, and idyllic landscapes in the gentle mauves, lavenders, and grays of sunset or twilight. An endearing old bird; a lovely book. (Picture book. 5-10) Read full book review >