Books by Helen Atkins

A PARAGON OF VIRTUE by Christian Von Ditfurth
Released: March 1, 2008

"A tense thriller, deeply rooted in Nazi history."
A novel of multiple, contemporary murders ultimately traceable to World War II events. Read full book review >
THE HAVE-NOTS by Katharina Hacker
Released: Feb. 1, 2008

"Deeply depressing fare that leaves a sour aftertaste."
Set primarily in London, this excruciatingly dark novel from Hacker (The Lifeguard, 2002, etc.), which won the 2006 German Book Prize, uses the colliding fates of a vapid middle-class German couple, an abused British child and a vicious petty criminal to reflect the malevolent undercurrents rumbling through post-9/11 Europe. Read full book review >
CATALINA by Markus Orths
Released: Oct. 1, 2006

"A fascinating subject and fine storytelling merge in this novel of a Spanish gender-bender."
A rollicking, captivating account of Catalina d'Erauso, a real-life 17th-century Spanish woman who went to the New World and lived as a man. Read full book review >
SCHOLARIUM by Claudia Gross
Released: June 30, 2004

"Not quite The Name of the Rose, to which comparison is inevitable, but most entertaining and engrossing nevertheless."
The combative world of 15th-century scholarship is a hotbed of murder and intrigue in this vivid German debut, the work of a former student of medieval philosophy. Read full book review >