Books by Helen Cowcher

Released: Aug. 30, 2011

"Visually appealing, but more likely to puzzle than inform. (Picture book. 5-9)"
Desert-dwelling elephants journey south through the "Elephant's Doorway" toward Burkina Faso when the dry season begins in Mali. Read full book review >
JAGUAR by Helen Cowcher
Released: Aug. 1, 1997

"Central and South American hunters. (Picture book. 5-8)"
When the cover is spread to its full width, two huge eyes stare from behind broad green leaves, perhaps the most striking painting in this entry from Cowcher (Tigress, 1991, etc.), who continues to address the issue of coexistence between humans and nature. Read full book review >
WHISTLING THORN by Helen Cowcher
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"An intriguing bit of natural history, emblematic of nature's intricate, delicate balance. (Nonfiction/Picture book. 4-8)"
Again, an outstandingly beautiful offering from Cowcher (Tigress, 1991), this time in a simple, fascinating explanation of the acacia's symbiotic adaptation—which allows it to survive despite the giraffe's fondness for its leaves—that is almost a pourquoi tale: Long ago, both giraffes and rhinos enjoyed the acacia, but rhinos didn't damage the trees as did the giraffes, which reached even the highest branches. Read full book review >
TIGRESS by Helen Cowcher
Released: Oct. 23, 1991

"Still, a stunningly beautiful book that addresses an important issue with compassion—and with more balance and subtlety than its predecessors. (Picture book. 4+)"
Cowcher continues to present environmental concerns (Rain Forest, 1989, etc.)—here, with a tigress that comes out of a forest sanctuary to kill a bullock, and later a camel. Read full book review >