Books by Helen Falconer

SKY HIGH by Helen Falconer
Released: Nov. 1, 2003

"A disappointing successor to Falconer's notable debut, Primrose Hill (2001). She overdoes the grunge, then fumbles Ferdia's coming-of-age in the too-hurried final sequences."
Grownups hunting for younger sex partners cause a whole lot of confusion for one London teenager, victim of a triple whammy in this episodic second novel. Read full book review >
PRIMROSE HILL by Helen Falconer
Released: March 30, 2001

"Falconer moves with an electrifying sense of the inexorable, from lightweight satire to the steadily deepening terror that life-or-death decisions cast over kids of every age."
A hot London summer brings three teenagers into a folie à trois of murder and deception. Read full book review >