Books by Henning Löhlein

LUDWIG THE SEA DOG by Henning Löhlein
Released: Dec. 1, 2017

"An exhilarating dive propelled by deft and clever use of its optical trick. (Novelty picture book. 6-9)"
Though eager to help his friend Peter the Penguin, whose submarine has stalled, Ludwig is stymied by the fact that, being paper himself and having been raised in a "world of books," all he knows of real water is from pictures of ponds and fish. Read full book review >
LUDWIG THE SPACE DOG by Henning Löhlein
Released: Sept. 1, 2017

"The right stuff for all young would-be space explorers. (Novelty picture book. 6-9)"
Three-dimensional illustrations propel into orbit this imported tale of a dog with stars in his eyes. Read full book review >
FISH FOOD by Andy Mansfield
Released: April 28, 2015

"A long way from 'nature red in tooth and claw'—at this length, it's merely a snack—but still, there's a worthwhile nugget of informational nutrition. (Pop-up picture book. 4-6)"
A quick trip up an aquatic food chain, with pop-up predators. Read full book review >