Books by Henry Payne

THE EAR BOOK by Al Perkins
Released: June 26, 2007

This new edition of a title that has introduced generations of emergent readers to sounds pairs the unaltered and more or less still satisfactory 1968 text to new illustrations that update at least some of the details of dress and objects while preserving the slapdash energy of William O'Brian's original cartoons. Both new and old iterations feature a young narrator and his dog cocking ears to the "Tick Tock" of a clock, the "Toot Toot" of a flute, Dad's snore, a huffy sister slamming the door, planes, trains and the rain. While for variety and aural nuance this could never touch Margaret Wise Brown's Noisy Book series, it has long been a fixture on library shelves—and its new visuals should help to keep it there for a few more decades. (Easy reader. 5-7) Read full book review >
Released: April 25, 2006

Jeremiah never thought about the top of his dad's head until, at their first major-league baseball game together, he hears someone call his dad Baldy. His father explains baldness, but Jeremiah remains unclear on the concept. Then he hears his father say, "Before I lost my hair." Suddenly Jeremiah is a boy with a mission: finding Dad's lost hair. It's nowhere in the house, the garden or yard. Disheartened, Jeremiah sees his bald baby sister and rushes to ask if his dad was born bald. Dad explains more clearly what it means to lose one's hair. On a trip to the beach, Jeremiah sees people of all shapes and sizes . . . and even different types of bald people. Some have hair doughnuts; some have hair horseshoes and some are completely shiny on top. He decides he loves his dad just the way he is and his hair hunt is over. A pointed bit of storytelling that would fit in any storytime on hair, personal differences or just plain silliness. Payne's editorial cartoonist background gives the illustrations a smiling style all their own. (Picture book. 4-8)Read full book review >