Books by Hilary Norman

ECLIPSE by Hilary Norman
Released: Jan. 1, 2013

"Norman weaves multiple strands with ease, building tension to a climax that doesn't disappoint."
A South Florida police detective chases a serial killer with a strange M.O. Read full book review >
HELL by Hilary Norman
Released: Dec. 1, 2011

"Not exactly the high point of this series. But Norman still keeps up the pace as she puts familiar characters through their paces."
A gruesome murderer stalks a tight-knit family of detectives, bringing them to their own personal hell. Read full book review >
SHIMMER by Hilary Norman
Released: Oct. 1, 2009

"The characters may not be complex, but they're certainly easy to take. An enjoyable diversion that builds up some satisfying suspense."
Detective Sam Becket (Ralph's Children, 2008, etc.) returns to protect Miami Beach from a mysterious and gruesome murderer. Read full book review >
RALPH’S CHILDREN by Hilary Norman
Released: Nov. 1, 2008

"The big surprise from Norman (Last Run, 2007, etc.) isn't at all clever; it's illogical rather than ironic, leading to a climax that's irredeemably creepy."
A reporter, a young mother and a shadowy band of former schoolmates play out a drama to an end none of them quite anticipated. Read full book review >
LAST RUN by Hilary Norman
Released: Jan. 1, 2008

"Norman (The Pact, 1997, etc.) shows a stronger instinct for killers than sleuths. Her main interest, however, continues to be in the fortunes of her hero's domestic circle."
Miami-Dade Detective Sam Becket—or, more accurately, members of his family—tackle the case of the killer whose victims are found dead on local beaches. Read full book review >
THE PACT by Hilary Norman
Released: June 10, 1997

"While Norman may not scintillate, she's learned to shape a plot (and drop expensive brand names) with increasing self-assurance."
Going along with the current trend, second-tier romancer Norman (The Key to Susanna, 1996, etc.) has added mystery to her politely competent brand of ladies' fiction. Read full book review >
THE KEY TO SUSANNA by Hilary Norman
Released: May 20, 1996

"A page-turner—and a preposterous jaw-dropper."
A skillful Danielle Steel clone, filled with tragedy, crabmeat omelets, and momentous nights at the London Ritz. Read full book review >
LAURA by Hilary Norman
Released: Sept. 19, 1994

"Shallow escapism for the romance-starved. (First serial to Good Housekeeping; Literary Guild selection)"
A Cinderella story of a woman educated in the school of hard knocks, by pulp veteran Norman (Spellbound, 1993, etc.). Read full book review >
SPELLBOUND by Hilary Norman
Released: July 8, 1993

"The lovers often seem more cloying than passionate, and the prose sometimes clunks like a square-wheeled cart—but Norman tells a good story, complete with likable characters and luxurious sets."
Another darkly romantic thriller from Norman (Fascination, 1992; Shattered Stars, 1991, etc.)—a high-glamour journey through the theater worlds of London and New York. Read full book review >
FASCINATION by Hilary Norman
Released: May 11, 1992

Norman, known for such pulpers as Shattered Stars and Chateau Ella, lands in lukewarm water with her latest—the completely unsurprising story of Magdalen Gabriel, a ``woman of ever-changing names, one year Swiss, the next French, and...American.'' Magdalen's driven by nothing exactly, but she is slightly haunted since her beloved papi, Alexander, was torn from her when she was only seven, and under scandalous circumstances that included his drinking buddy, Zeleyev, and a brutalized prostitute. Read full book review >
SHATTERED STARS by Hilary Norman
Released: May 1, 1991

"It's wired read for lovers of slightly harder-edged pop fiction."
Like Norman's Chateau Ella and In Love and Friendship, another dark and tangled family saga, full of weird left turns along the road of life for four Italian orphans. Read full book review >