Books by H.M. Ehrlich

GOTCHA, LOUIE! by H.M. Ehrlich
Released: March 25, 2002

Louie and his favorite stuffed goose return for a seaside adventure. It's summertime once again and Louie and his family are at their vacation house on the shore. The tow-headed tot whiles away languid summer days playing "Gotcha" with his mom; petitioning her over and again to catch him. When a visit from his grandparents becomes long on talk and short on play, Louie decides to take matters into his own hands. Unbeknownst to the adults, Louie, with Rosie in tow, scampers away to hide. After a thorough search fails to reveal the elusive pair, Mom devises a wily plan to draw out the duo. Ehrlich's (Dancing Class, 2001, etc.) simple tale neatly captures a child's glee in playing this much favored pastime. Even when he's missing, there's no cause for alarm as wayward giggles and other clues reassure the adults of Louie's nearby presence. Bolam's (Murphy Meets the Treadmill, 2001, etc.) sunny illustrations sparkle with the bonhomie of carefree summer days. Large, visible brush strokes in the gaily-colored paintings give the semblance of windswept sands and gusty seas. This jolly little tale heralds a welcome return for Louie and his faithful red rooster, adding a sprinkling of summer fun to brighten someone's day—regardless of the season. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2001

Stage mommies can offer a bit of bibliotherapy to budding baby ballerinas with this delightful introduction to ballet class, the second collaboration between Ehrlich and Rader (Dr. Duck, 2000). In simple, light-hearted rhyming couplets, the storyline follows a plump pink piglet as she arrives at the dance studio, dons her tutu, tights, and ballet slippers, and takes her first class from Ms. Henrietta Henley, a kindly mother-hen type. The young pig can't always make her feet do what everyone else's are doing, and she takes a tumble after hurting her toe. "Piggy falls and bumps her face. Teacher says, ‘It's no disgrace,' " as she wipes away Piggy's tears with a lace-trimmed handkerchief. Rader's cheery pen-and-ink with watercolor illustrations are full of clever details, and she gives each animal dancer and their teacher and accompanist distinct personalities. The order followed in ballet classes around the world is skillfully worked into the text, with a polite curtsy to end the class and the book. This charming title will leap off the shelves and straight into the hands of all those little girls (and their moms and grandmas) with dreams of dance recitals and pretty pink tutus. (Picture book. 2-6)Read full book review >