Books by Hope Slaughter

Released: Feb. 15, 1996

There may be better friends than Buckley and Wilberta—the hippos George and Martha come to mind—but he, a small hedgehog, has a devotion to her, a slender rabbit, that is truly endearing. In the first of the four stories in this I'm Reading Now entry, Buckley is so excited that Wilberta is returning from afar that he eats his breakfast in gulps and stations himself at her home to prepare a welcome. A birthday takes up the next two tales (what to give? did she like it?) before readers learn just how fond Wilberta is of Buckley. She is so saddened by the idea of winter's coming, leaving her house-bound and without Buckley's company, that she instantly accepts his offer to move in with him. Slaughter (Windmill Hill, 1993, not reviewed, etc.) provides a text that is all heart; Torrence's full-color and black-and-white drawings capture the friendship just as affectionately. (Fiction. 5-7) Read full book review >