Books by Howard W. French

Released: March 14, 2017

"A lucid if stolid overview of regional history, useful for students of Pacific affairs in playing out scenarios of what might happen next."
A long-view look at events that are making China's neighbors—and much of the world beyond—very nervous indeed. Read full book review >
Released: May 21, 2014

"A unique and unsettling study of what many in the West do not want to see."
Frank, straightforward reporting of a key, though largely ignored, element in African development, for better or ill. Read full book review >
Released: April 23, 2004

"Of a piece with Daniel Bergner's In the Land of Magic Soldiers (2003): a sobering and much-needed portrait of a land that merits, and requires, our attention."
History blended with firsthand reportage of postcolonial Africa, "the stage of mankind's greatest tragedies." Read full book review >