Books by Hui Hui Su-Kennedy

WHAT DO I DO? by Hui Hui Su-Kennedy
Released: June 1, 2004

An ethnically diverse group of preschoolers enjoys all the aspects of an active-filled day. Each child relates, in a two-to-four word sentence, the simplicities of life—eating, drinking, sleeping, washing—as well as more complicated emotions of bravery, happiness, and generosity, caring about and sharing with others. These very well-adjusted and normal-looking tikes encourage good behavior and manners as they explore, learn, and think for themselves, being and doing their best everyday. "I like to have fun / I explore / I dance / and learn / I care / I share / I do the best I can / Why do I do what I do? / Because I'm happy to!" Pale watercolor washes of mostly greens, yellows, and blues parallel each child's activity or endeavor. A cheery look at life from a small child's perspective. (Picture book. 2-4)Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2002

With easygoing informality, memoirist Jiang (Red Scarf Girl, 1997) retells several adventures of this picaresque Asian folk hero. Born in spectacular fashion atop the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, Stone Monkey opens his eyes, laughs, then goes on to become a monkey king, learn magical abilities from a Sage, repeatedly make a nuisance of himself in Heaven, and defeat both a demon and a Heavenly army in battle. Resembling a human child in fancy dress, Monkey strolls grandly through Su-Kennedy's sketchy but expressive pictures, sowing irritation wherever he goes. Buddha himself enters at last, to put Monkey away for a few hundred years in the (quixotic) hope that he'll learn to mend his ways. Clever, arrogant, far longer on appetite than attention span, Monkey makes an engaging antihero whose acquaintance young readers, of any cultural background, with a taste for trickster tales will be glad to make. (Folktale. 8-10)Read full book review >