Books by Ida Luttrell

Released: Sept. 30, 1993

This may be Mattie's story, but her cat (Prowler) and dog (Howler) swipe it right out from under her nose. When Mattie takes in an apparently ailing possum and sees only its better nature, Prowler and Howler become victims of its true varmint self. Anyone who's ever been unjustly accused will especially love it—the possum's comeuppance is purely beautiful, with the pets finding themselves back in favor, appreciated as never before. Lewin's expressive illustrations are bravely sketchy, allowing the hook of an eyebrow or the line of a mouth to convey comic overtones; Prowler playing dead is a priceless portrait of a cat driven to desperate measures. Folksy in language, spirited in delivery, a winning read-aloud or -alone that should become a story-hour favorite. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >
MILO'S TOOTHACHE by Ida Luttrell
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

When Milo Pig suddenly develops a toothache, he's willing to accept friend Dan's advice and see a dentist. Cheerfully, Milo gets ready to go while Dan panics: What if it hurts? Dan rounds up four silly friends, and they all insist on coming along to comfort the still-unconcerned Milo; then, while the dentist (a duck) extricates the bit of popcorn that's causing the trouble, the others manage to injure themselves in the waiting room. In simple, repeated vocabulary, deftly deployed in natural cadences, a comically exaggerated story that effectively makes its point; illustrator Giannini (an Italian architect) makes a good debut with his witty, appealing characterizations. (Easy reader. 4-8) Read full book review >
THE BEAR NEXT DOOR by Ida Luttrell
Released: March 29, 1991

Arlo Gopher doesn't make a good start with his new neighbor, Vic Bear: on moving day, his sprinkler dampens Vic's belongings. Still, after Arlo helps Vic lug his boxes indoors and they share other experiences including storytelling and eating ice cream, the two become friends. Natural-sounding dialogue, warm humor, and expressive cartoon-style illustrations make this an appealing choice for beginning readers. (Easy reader. 5-8) Read full book review >