Books by III Eaton

Released: Oct. 9, 2007

Evildoers and marshmallows beware: Max and Pinky are back for their second great adventure, and this time they're playing at battling the forces of evil as Mighty Max and Stubby Sidekick. Actually, Pinky isn't too thrilled about having to fill the sidekick role. Whenever he and Max go out to play, he's the one who ends up plugging up the volcano (while Max saves whales) or getting bonked by asteroids (as Max deftly moves them away from the Earth). When Pinky quits the game abruptly, it isn't long before someone new needs help. Max! His best friend performs a daring rescue and our two heroes fly off with Pinky dropping broad hints about how he's looking for a good sidekick these days. Though perhaps a little less original than its predecessor, Eaton's thick black lines and sublime sense of humor will undoubtedly please fans and whet the public's appetite for future adventures. (Picture book 5-7)Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 26, 2006

Eaton constructs a warm affirmation of budship featuring a boy, a piglet, lots of marshmallows and not much else. Though Max and marshmallow-mad Pinky do occasionally go off in different directions, Saturday is always Adventure Day. One Saturday, when Pinky doesn't show, a worried Max goes off to track him down. Fretting that Pinky might have been kidnapped by bunnies or some other terrible mischance, Max goes from mud hole to red barn—until a passing polar bear's big, square, white rear end provides a vital mental association. Accompanying simply drawn pictures of a toddler-like pair, the text runs to just a line or single phrase at a time, sometimes in dialogue balloons. Fans of Janet Morgan Stoeke's similarly terse, comic Minerva Louise tales will enjoy the sly humor, and be pleased to see the two buddies happily reunited at the end. (Picture book. 5-7) Read full book review >