Books by Isabelle Dervaux

Released: May 31, 1998

paper 0-06-027084-5 This compilation includes previously published verse from Kuskin's Soap Soup (1992), Near the Window Tree (1975), and Something Sleeping in the Hall (o.p.). Dervaux's robust illustrations and a variety of typefaces—e.g., in "If I Were a . . . ," the text shows both the curve of a bird's nest and the wavy lines through which a fish might swim—combine for a breezy collection, whose common theme might be demise. Jays get eaten, a hat is sat upon, a hog pigs out until he dies, and "Rabbits/don't like rabbit stew./I don't blame them much,/do you?"—but even potentially morbid ideas are reduced to a chuckle by the figures who cavort through the colorful pages. (Picture book/poetry. 3-7) Read full book review >
MELANIE JANE by Susan Arkin Couture
Released: June 30, 1996

Bright colors and winsome illustrations cannot sweeten this didactic rhyming tale from two picture-book newcomers. Melanie Jane holds her breath and throws ``both her shoes down the hall'' because her mother cannot change the color of the sky from blue to red. A child who has never heard the word no, Melanie flies out of her chair in a rage and lands on a cloud, vowing she'll never come down. Pleading by her parents, teacher, doctors, and police is to no avail. Finally, her parents give up, going on ``to something less stressful.'' Thus ignored, Melanie floats down, deciding the sky is just fine as it is. ``And now Melanie knows,/And you, too, I suppose,/That you can't always have your own way.'' While Melanie behaves like a two-year-old, she looks and speaks like an older child. For actual silliness and less moralistic fervor, stick with Stieg's Spinky Sulks (1988). (Picture book. 3-6) Read full book review >