Books by J. Lynett Gillette

DINOSAUR GHOSTS by J. Lynett Gillette
Released: April 1, 1997

An essential purchase—Gillette (The Search for Seismosaurus, 1994) has written another involving book about a topic of guaranteed interest to children. The book opens in 1947, when paleontologists dug up tons of tightly packed bones in the canyons near Ghost Ranch, N.M.; since then they have studied and puzzled over the cause of the sudden extinction of the speedy, dog-sized dinosaurs called Coelophysis, who roamed New Mexico 225 million years ago. Gillette demonstrates the scientific method, postulating a hypothesis and then investigating it against the evidence found in rocks and fossils. Did a sticky pit like La Brea trap the little dinosaurs? Was it a volcanic eruption? Asteroids? Poisoned water? She tests each hypothesis, presents the most likely explanation, given current evidence, and concludes that the answer is not yet final: ``Scientists are always ready to change their ideas to fit what they learn.'' The paintings by Henderson are satisfying, full- color renderings of the dinosaurs, their habitat, and the catastrophe envisioned in each hypothesis. Photos of excavators and bones provide additional intrigue. (glossary, index) (Picture book/nonfiction. 7-12) Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 1994

Discovered in 1979 by two hikers in New Mexico, Seismosaurus was even bigger than Ultrasaurus or Supersaurus—a giant sauropod estimated to have been 150 feet long and to have weighed ten EEUs (Equivalent Elephant Units), approximately 50 tons. In 1985, paleontologists armed with computers and sophisticated sound wave tracking devices began the difficult process of freeing the giant fossils from tons of sandstone; the author, a paleontologist involved with the dig, also explains how scientists use everything from pick and shovel to neutron scattering accelerators to learn more about dinosaurs. Nature artist Hallett's paintings of the great creatures in their heyday are complemented by 30 excellent color photos from the dig. A splendid blend of adventure and science. Index. (Nonfiction. 10-14) Read full book review >