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J. Randy Taraborrelli is not only a respected journalist, he is also a recognizable entertainment personality and in-demand guest on many television programs, including Today, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Larry King - Live, Entertainment Tonig

Released: Jan. 30, 2018

"The aura of Camelot lives on in a book for Kennedy completists and those who enjoy tales of the rich and powerful."
The prolific celebrity biographer returns to Camelot, this time to examine some of the women involved in the glamorous proceedings. Read full book review >
BECOMING BEYONCÉ by J. Randy Taraborrelli
Released: Oct. 27, 2015

"One appreciates the effort taken to set the record straight on matters like the creation of Destiny's Child and the Beyoncé brand, and it's admirable that Taraborrelli would make such an effort to give so many people in Beyoncé's life credit. Unfortunately, meticulous research and interviews with peripheral players don't offer much that isn't already known about the superstar who is a shadowy figure."
A thorough effort from celebrity biographer Taraborrelli (The Hiltons: The True Story of an American Dynasty, 2014, etc.) that's long on legwork and short on new insight. Read full book review >
THE HILTONS by J. Randy Taraborrelli
Released: April 1, 2014

"More than fluff, Taraborrelli has written the definitive biography of a family whose glory days may have passed but which simply refuses to recede into the background."
A best-selling celebrity biographer chronicles the epic saga of a family as well known for its business empire as for its role as tabloid fodder. Read full book review >
Released: April 24, 2012

"A big, juicy read for Kennedy fans."
Taraborrelli (The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, 2009, etc.) continues the Kennedy family saga begun in Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot (2000). Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 25, 2009

"A painful and engrossing account of the profoundly damaged personality at the heart of the world's greatest sex symbol."
The miraculous but short and tragic life of Norma Jeane Mortenson (1926-1962). Read full book review >
ELIZABETH by J. Randy Taraborrelli
Released: Aug. 29, 2006

"Overly worshipful, but you'd have to be quite jaded to be bored by this chronicle of a miniseries life."
Veteran diva-disher Taraborrelli, who has written about Cher, Madonna and Princess Grace, turns his pen on the silver screen starlet of the century. Read full book review >