Books by Jack Casserly

THE DANCING ANGEL by Jack Casserly
Released: March 10, 1995

"Some good stories, but way too much material to stack on one soapbox. (First printing of 30,000)"
From former papal correspondent Casserly, a Catholic saga stuffed with blue-collar Chicagoans, big-hearted clerics, virgins, a grouchy cardinal, some Jews, a Chinese millionaire, and—well, you get the idea. Read full book review >
THE HEARSTS: FATHER AND SON by William Randolph Hearst
Released: Sept. 20, 1991

"The wispy text has over 100 photographs and other illustrations, including cartoons (some seen)."
Vapid, once-over-lightly reminiscences from the scion of a publishing dynasty who, at age 83, looks back on a privileged, eventful life through rose-colored spectacles. Read full book review >