Books by Jack Cohen

THE GLOBE by Terry Pratchett
Released: Jan. 20, 2015

"It's baffling why this appealingly distinctive offshoot (there are two volumes still to come) of the wildly popular Discworld yarns took so long to cross the Atlantic."
This sequel to the fantasy/nonfiction hybrid The Science of Discworld (2014; U.K. 1999), wherein the bumbling wizards of Discworld's Unseen University accidentally created our universe and the planet Roundworld, aka Earth, first manifested in the U.K. in 2002.Read full book review >
WHEELERS by Ian Stewart
Released: Nov. 21, 2000

"A splendid story, bulging with ideas and extrapolations, even if the closing chapters tend to drop below the plausibility event horizon."
First novel from professors Stewart and Cohen (nonfiction: The Collapse of Chaos, 1994). Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1994

"However, had the authors avoided cutesy neologisms, visits to another planet, and other textural distractions, their many useful examples and well-taken points might have been even better taken."
Riding the wave of popularizations of chaos and complexity theory is this new contender by a pair of English science writers, Cohen, a biologist, and Stewart, a mathematician. Read full book review >