Books by Jack Lechner

Released: April 1, 2008

Lechner's debut sets out to prove that cuddliness is not the only criterion children use in choosing a lovey. "Mary had a little lamp— / The bendy, gooseneck kind. / And everywhere that Mary went / She dragged the lamp behind." Mary takes it to school to learn spelling, sends it down the slide at the playground and even tucks it into its own miniature bed each night. Her friends, teachers and parents are all flabbergasted. In the end, though, Mary goes off to summer camp and, to the surprise of everyone, leaves the lamp behind. At Camp Wottalottaphun Mary learns "That she could have a lot of fun / Without the lamp around." Lechner's rhythm and rhyme are spot-on in adapting the beloved nursery favorite. Staake's computer artwork has kid-appeal, featuring stock characters, bold colors that extend even to skin and building facades and facial expressions that speak louder than words. Enjoyable fluff . . . but just to head off any copycats, parents may want to nail down the appliances. (Picture book. 3-8)Read full book review >