Books by Jack O'Connell

Released: May 19, 2011

"A readable, potentially incendiary account that assumes a certain amount of prior knowledge about Middle East diplomacy, yet is coherent enough for novice readers to follow."
Insights about failed diplomacy in the Middle East by an American agent with a unique perspective. Read full book review >
Released: April 8, 2008

"The shadow world of comic books provides O'Connell (Word Made Flesh, 1999, etc.) with material for a nightmarish story that's hallucinatory, tightly structured and ultimately redemptive."
A father struggles to reclaim his son from a long-standing coma in O'Connell's dark, wildly inventive fantasy. Read full book review >
WORD MADE FLESH by Jack O'Connell
Released: June 21, 1999

"Under the conventions of crime and punishment, O'Connell's nightmarishly original vision of incarnation unflinchingly displays the various of harrowing ways words can indeed be made flesh."
Once again, O'Connell (The Skin Palace, 1996, etc.) tests the boundaries of noir mystery/suspense in this latest mind-boggling installment from Quinsigamond, Mass. Read full book review >
THE SKIN PALACE by Jack O'Connell
Released: Jan. 9, 1996

"O'Connell throws together The Crying of Lot 49 and Atlas Shrugged, refracts the product through a haze of dozens of Hollywood films, and comes up with another world as original and microscopically etched as a thumbprint."
Erotic photography takes the place of radio (Wireless, 1993) as the hot technology the citizens and hangers-on in O'Connell's mythical New England town of Quinsigamond are ruminating and suffering and fighting over. Read full book review >
WIRELESS by Jack O'Connell
Released: Nov. 1, 1993

"O'Connell should apply for his own ZIP Code."
Lieutenant Lenore Thomas (Box Nine, 1991) has left Quinsigamond, Massachusetts, for greener pastures, but the town's crime-infested Canal Zone, home of Bangkok Park, is as busy as ever: here, rival gangs have to fight for attention with a ragtag crew of anarchist ``jammers'' intent on knocking out radio stations and broadcasting their own militantly countercultural programming. Read full book review >
BOX NINE by Jack O'Connell
Released: Jan. 1, 1992

"Strong stuff, all right: O'Connell gets so deep inside his small- town cast that it's a relief to turn the last page."
The winner of Mysterious Press's first ``Mysterious Discovery'' contest introduces Lt. Read full book review >