Books by Jackie French Koller

PETER SPIT A SEED AT SUE by Jackie French Koller
Released: June 1, 2008

"Light as a pie and sweet as melon, this slight story should find an enthusiastic audience with parents and grandparents nostalgic for a simpler, sillier time, who will enjoy sharing the fun with young listeners. (Picture book. 3-6)"
This slapstick farce bounces along in rollicking rhyme accompanied by exaggerated cartoon-style illustrations featuring round-cheeked, wide-eyed characters sporting skinny extremities and outsized feet. Read full book review >
SEVEN SPUNKY MONKEYS by Jackie French Koller
Released: Sept. 1, 2005

"Though the fun with counting is an added plus, the beauty of this is the harmony of art to word, both of which are delirious and soaring, with great honks of laughter that are music to the ears. (Picture book. 3-7)"
Koller and Munsinger are up to their monkey tricks again, with the same joyful wordplay and high-spirited artwork they brought to One Monkey Too Many (1999). Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 2003

"A salutary reminder that heroic deeds aren't always the violent sort. (Picture book. 6-8)"
A big, irascible knight, renowned for dragon-slaying and army-vanquishing, gets turned around by a determined, lonely child. Read full book review >
BABY FOR SALE by Jackie French Koller
Released: Sept. 1, 2002

Fed up at last after finding his cap in the toilet, Peter plops little Emily into a wagon and tries to peddle her to the neighbors. Read full book review >
SOMEDAY by Jackie French Koller
Released: June 1, 2001

"Readers will understand how emotional ties to a place can define who you are. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Fourteen-year-old Celie always knew that "someday" the Swift River Valley, where she, her mother, and grandmother live would be flooded to create a reservoir for Boston, but she never dreamed that day would come just months before her graduation from eighth grade in the spring of 1938. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 1999

"Mostly the phrases are stirring—as are Sewall's scratchboard evocations—and often inspirational—for this nickommoh puts to shame what has become known as the day before the launch of the holiday shopping season. (Picture book. 6-9)"
Koller (Bouncing on the Bed, p. 143, etc.) portrays a Narragansett nickommoh, or celebratory gathering, from which it is very likely the tradition of Thanksgiving was drawn. Read full book review >
BOUNCING ON THE BED by Jackie French Koller
Released: March 1, 1999

"EWSLUGp1986. (Picture book. 5-7)"
Combining saccharine visuals with a monotonous ditty, this book follows a child from morning wake-up to evening snuggle-down with no fewer than 13 stanzas modeled on "The Farmer in the Dell" and static illustrations in which the young, chubby-cheeked narrator, whose wide eyes are generally looking off to the side, is awkwardly posed'sometimes floating slightly—against generic indoor and outdoor scenes. Read full book review >
THE FALCON by Jackie French Koller
Released: May 1, 1998

"A memorable case study in teenage guilt. (Fiction. 12-14)"
Koller follows up A Place To Call Home (1995) with this raw, funny-if-it- weren't-so-painful journal of a disabled teenager given to self-destructive behavior. Read full book review >
NO SUCH THING by Jackie French Koller
Released: Feb. 1, 1997

"This tautly told story in which two stern mothers get their comeuppances is irresistible. (Junior Library Guild selection) (Picture book. 4-8)"
Any child who has been convinced of the presence of a monster at bedtime will feel vindicated by this satisfying story from Koller (A Place to Call Home, 1995, etc.). Read full book review >
A PLACE TO CALL HOME by Jackie French Koller
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"Koller (The Primrose Way, 1992, etc.) keeps readers riveted to Anna's plight through every turn of a beautifully moving story. (Fiction. 12+)"
Ever since their mother disappeared, Anna, 15, has been minding Mandy, 5, and the baby, Casey. Read full book review >
THE PRIMROSE WAY by Jackie French Koller
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

"Notes; glossaries; bibliography; pronunciation guide. (Fiction. 12+)"
In the ``Great Episodes'' series, an improbable but satisfying account of an independent young woman's life among the Puritans in 1633. Read full book review >
MOLE AND SHREW STEP OUT by Jackie French Koller
Released: Sept. 30, 1992

"Kids will enjoy the amusing wordplay in the endearingly foolish Mole's exchanges with his perky little friend; Ormai brings them both, and their cozy, well-appointed woodland homes, nicely to life. (Picture book/Young reader. 4-8)"
The two appealing creatures introduced in Mole and Shrew (1991), now neighbors and firm friends, attend a ball. Read full book review >
FISH FRY TONIGHT by Jackie French Koller
Released: April 1, 1992

"A fine read-alone, but the humor and catchy rhymes and rhythms especially recommend this for reading aloud. (Picture book. 4-8)"
In lilting verse, Koller explains how Mouse starts a contented day of fishing, ``gazing, at ripples and dapples that giggled and babbled. Read full book review >
Released: March 31, 1992

The author of a carefully crafted, well-received novel about the Depression (Nothing to Fear, 1991) essays a less ambitious story about recently widowed Kathy and her daughter Denny, who have left N.Y.C. to make a new life on an island in Maine. Read full book review >
IF I HAD ONE WISH... by Jackie French Koller
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

When an eighth grader's wish that his little brother had never been born actually comes true, he's dismayed by the implications. Read full book review >
MOLE AND SHREW by Jackie French Koller
Released: Sept. 30, 1991

"Ormai's cozy illustrations of the animals' domestic arrangements nicely reflect the story's warm good humor. (Picture book. 4-8)"
When Mole's tunnel leads him inadvertently to the back of Shrew's medicine cabinet, the first result is some whimsical repartee in the manner of A. A. Milne, in the course of which Mole explains that he's been crowded out of his own home by an overabundance of relatives. Read full book review >
NOTHING TO FEAR by Jackie French Koller
Released: April 1, 1991

An involving account of the Great Depression as endured by the Irish-American Garveys. Read full book review >
THE DRAGONLING by Jackie French Koller
Released: Dec. 1, 1990

Appealing sf in the "Springboard" series for newly independent readers. Read full book review >