Books by Jacqueline M. Cohen

Released: July 24, 2006

"Author and illustrator previously collaborated on Something for Nothing (2003); here's hoping they continue to work together. (Picture book. 4-7)"
In an original tale set in a village down the road from Chelm, a young man named Shlemazel, "without luck," leads a lazy life indeed, for were he to do anything, surely he would meet some great misfortune. Read full book review >
SOMETHING FOR NOTHING by Ann Redisch Stampler
Released: March 24, 2003

"He's a classic trickster character and would belong in a curriculum of trickster tales if there were not already so many better ones. (author's note) (Picture book/folktale. 4-7)"
This visually chaotic version of an old folktale doesn't work as a mild animal update. Read full book review >