Books by James Mills

THE HEARING by James Mills
Released: July 13, 1998

"That innocence ultimately triumphs over guile is, perhaps, the only unbelievable element in this cooly constructed, smartly plotted Washington-insider novel."
A witty morality tale about the depraved events that can influence a controversial Supreme Court nomination is, wonderfully, about character. Read full book review >
HAYWIRE by James Mills
Released: June 22, 1995

"Veteran Mills (The Power, 1990; the nonfictional Underground Empire, 1986, etc.) has put together a staunchly action-packed male weepie, expertly shifting its hapless hero from the frying pan to a series of hotter and hotter fires."
A Father's Day nightmare: a son pressed into service as an illegal currency courier disappears with $100 million in bearer bonds sewn into his stuffed lion. Read full book review >