Books by James Preston Girard

THE LATE MAN by James Preston Girard
Released: Sept. 1, 1993

Six years after a series of four brutal murders of young women outside Wichita, Kansas, the killer is at it again—or is he? Sam Haun, late-night man at the local paper, the Mid-American, who's been dredged out of mourning his wife and daughter, killed a year ago in a traffic accident, and assigned to dog Homicide Capt. L.J. Loomis on the case, wonders whether the most recent killing could be a copycat crime. As the investigation narrows down to focus on Kirby Banks, a cyclist who's done time for assaulting a prostitute, Sam, discovering a journal that recounts his late wife's affair with reporter Frank Rule, imagines an affair he might share with Frank's current lover, his junior colleague Stosh Babicki—and imagines too, more and more vividly, what it would be like to be in the killer's place. In this understated hardcover debut, Girard artfully inverts the conventions of the whodunit to ask instead, who really wants to know? Read full book review >