Books by James Stevens-Arce

SOULSAVER by James Stevens-Arce
Released: Sept. 1, 2000

"Provocative and disturbing, both for readers who regard themselves as Christians and those who do not."
In 2099, with Puerto Rico now a state, the US is ruled by a Christian dictatorship. Juan Bautista and his partner Fabiola Munoz drive a freezer van through the teeming, grimy slums of San Juan. Their job is to quick-freeze suicide victims (and they're numerous), then rush them off to be resuscitated: an agonizing process, leaving little incentive for further attempts. Juan, a true believer, loves his job; he worships Jimmy Divine, the US spiritual co-leader along with the Shepherdess. Then one day Jimmy—Juan's unacknowledged father, an irony that passes Juan by—asks Juan to spy on tough, cynical Fabiola. Jimmy and his co-leader, the Shepherdess, need to eliminate the false-prophet, antichrist Twin Messiahs, and they're convinced Fabiola can help. Juan reluctantly involves himself, learns something of Fabiola's hard life, and begins to wonder whether the Messiahs, Emma and Noel, are genuine. Finally, Juan tells Jimmy he's met the Messiahs, and where; Jimmy's enforcer/secret police Angels threaten Fabiola, but she won't betray Emma and Noel. So the Angels kill Fabiola by freezing her twice. When Juan finds Fabiola's body, he recalls Emma and Noel's wisdom, and in his anger and sorrow somehow works a miracle to bring Fabiola back from the dead. But, meantime, Jimmy Divine murders the Twins and, on New Year's Eve, proclaims the Shepherdess as the new Christ. Read full book review >