Books by James Thackara

AMERICA’S CHILDREN by James Thackara
Released: March 15, 2001

"Uneven dramatization of America's technological triumph at the expense of her ideals."
Preachy and grandly tragic portrait of the artist as a young A-bomb-maker. Read full book review >
THE BOOK OF KINGS by James Thackara
Released: April 23, 1999

"Whether one submits to this novel's undeniable if fitful power or chafes at its infuriating awkwardness, reading it entails both embarking on a unique fictional journey and reaching journey's end haunted by visions of the book it might have been. (First printing of 30,000)"
The rise of Nazism and the disillusioning of Europe's young intellectuals are the primary themes of this inordinately ambitious third novel by an American-born writer long resident in England, where he has published the earlier America's Children and Ahab's Daughter. Read full book review >