Books by James W. Huston

SECRET JUSTICE by James W. Huston
Released: May 27, 2003

"After so much cynicism about craven government hacks, whining liberals, and ruthlessly efficient bad guys, Huston's happy ending might not convince. Everything else does."
Another thinking-man's slam-bang military thriller from Huston that asks what the American government might do if it ever got its hands on bin Laden. Read full book review >
FALLOUT by James W. Huston
Released: July 1, 2001

"Easily predictable plotting, with fun facts about MiGs, sensational in-the-cockpit realism, and the stirring flyboy spirit that put Huston in the same firmament with Dean Koontz and Dale Brown."
Forsaking politics and legal legerdemain for standard shoot-'em-down combat thrills, flyboy-turned-lawyer Huston (Flash Point, 2000, etc.) proves he can do a tightly plotted, by-the-numbers military adventure as well as anyone. Read full book review >
FLASH POINT by James W. Huston
Released: June 1, 2000

"A thinking man's military thriller, with superb action, crackling hardware-speak, and just enough tragedy to emphasize the emotional price for so much gung-ho American heroism."
Huston's third military thriller is also his best as it examines the cost of another hypothetical American reprisal against terrorism, this time with a supersonic fighter-jet pursuit of a bin Laden stand-in to his secret desert fortress. Read full book review >
THE PRICE OF POWER by James W. Huston
Released: June 1, 1999

"Right-wing cant and a vastly hypothetical scenario reduce this overlong cautionary tale to little more than a hardware-heavy Tom Clancy clone. (Author tour)"
A dated, tediously plotted revision, posing as a sequel to Huston's stirring, high-tech Washington legal procedural, Balance of Power (1998). Read full book review >
BALANCE OF POWER by James W. Huston
Released: June 3, 1998

"Huston's answer, a qualified yes, is supported by numerous heartstopping scenes of military derring-do, steely camaraderie, and selfless patriotism. (Film rights to Disney; author tour)"
A debut military thriller that delivers the requisite guts and glory while making a meaningful statement about the ambiguous role of violence in America. Read full book review >