Books by James Wilcox

HUNK CITY by James Wilcox
Released: April 7, 2007

"Enormous fun, and arguably the author's best since the sublime Modern Baptists."
Do-gooders and bigots, the ethically conflicted and the sexually disadvantaged, ecologists and evangelicals pair up, disentangle, rant and fret in Wilcox's fractious ninth novel. Read full book review >
HEAVENLY DAYS by James Wilcox
Released: Sept. 15, 2003

"Tula Springs is always worth a visit, but this is minor Wilcox."
The gently mad inhabitants of fictional Tula Springs are doing what they do best—minding one another's business—in the sly Louisiana author's amiable eighth outing. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2001

"Too bad his later books haven't sustained that rep."
The third in Wilcox's uproarious series of novels set in Tula Springs, Louisiana, this comedy of southern manners reminds us that Wilcox really gets his juices flowing when he's back on his native soil, far from the Manhattan of his duller, more recent books. Read full book review >
PLAIN AND NORMAL by James Wilcox
Released: Sept. 3, 1998

"Fortunately, it's also very often almost as endearing and entertaining."
Unrequited and misdirected loves are the ruefully comic matter of this sprightly seventh novel from the author of such inspired farces as Modern Baptists (1983) and Sort of Rich (1989). Read full book review >
GUEST OF A SINNER by James Wilcox
Released: April 14, 1993

"But at its best, there's a Waugh-like breeziness to this delightful novel with its genial view of human frailty and its overwhelming patience with things absurd."
Wilcox's sixth novel recaptures the antic spirit of his earlier work, after the surprisingly inert Polite Sex (1991); his latest is a convivial romp through contemporary Manhattan—a comedy of errors with all sorts of sexual quandaries, not a few downright crazy characters, and a spiritual dimension to top it all off. Read full book review >
POLITE SEX by James Wilcox
Released: June 1, 1991

"A surprisingly ordinary fiction from the otherwise gifted Wilcox, whose first venture outside Tula Springs drifts, with little humor to steer it straight."
For his fifth novel, Wilcox (Sort of Rich, 1989, etc.) leaves the everyday comedy of small-town Louisiana for more serious matters in New York City, where a few Tula Springs natives struggle with ambition and disappointment, and faith and disillusion. Read full book review >
SORT OF RICH by James Wilcox
Released: May 24, 1989

Wilcox's special fiefdom, Tula Springs, Louisiana, is so sociologically spacious that by now he's able to ship in outsiders and watch how they do there. Read full book review >