Books by James Zug

James Zug has written for The Atlantic Monthly and Outside, and is the author of Squash: A History of the Game. He attended Dartmouth College, where he first became acquainted with legendary alum John Ledyard. Zug lives in Washington, D.C.

Released: April 1, 2005

"Your average bear has never heard of Ledyard, true enough, but this brisk biography should catch the Early-America-Founding-Fathers craze."
A fast-paced account of America's first great explorer. Read full book review >
SQUASH by James Zug
Released: Sept. 23, 2003

"With its narrative vivacity and wealth of historical settings, this classy piece of sports writing is not just for squash nuts."
A history of squash that's as lively and well paced as the game itself . . . used to be. Read full book review >