Books by Jana Novotny Hunter

MY TAIL'S NOT TIRED  by Jana Novotny Hunter
Released: July 1, 2017

"Simply sweet. (Picture book. 3-6) "
Little Monster isn't ready for bed. What can Big Monster do? Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 2006

A young boy is very excited because today is the day that his father is going to drive from far away to pick him up from school—in a tanker truck. The boy can almost hear the truck coming. But first there are things to do. After an excited goodbye to his mother, the boy goes to school. The day crawls by even though he enjoys himself playing games and painting pictures. Eagerly anticipating his father's arrival, the boy imagines Daddy driving toward him, traveling the tunnels, hurrying down a hill, carefully crossing a bridge and maneuvering through traffic. Finally, the school day is over, but the boy's father is running late. When is he coming? Then the truck screeches to a halt in front of the school; father and son are reunited and overjoyed. Colorful, sketchy watercolors and playful, rhymed text tell the boy's story and show the father's journey and happy arrival. A respectable addition to any truck collection. (Picture book. 3-5)Read full book review >
I CAN DO IT! by Jana Novotny Hunter
Released: July 1, 2006

A day at nursery school is very busy for one small guinea pig. A good breakfast gives him energy to be fast, while shaping play dough gives him an opportunity to be strong. Right-hand pages describe all his different activities. A page-turn reveals a large-font adjective describing that action and an illustration epitomizing it. At day's end, he uses all the skills in combination, showing how he can be "busy and strong, careful and helpful, and quiet and clever too. Then I can be noisy and fast as I run . . . right into my mummy's arms." Identical opening and closing sentences are seemingly unrelated to the main text, but this still does not detract from what is a wonderful introduction to nursery-school activities and materials. Richards's lovable characters accurately portray the fruits of a preschooler's labor, as well as his or her facial expressions. Her cute and cuddly guinea pigs are just right for settling the nerves of new nursery-schoolers. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >
LITTLE ONES DO! by Jana Novotny Hunter
Released: July 1, 2001

A comforting bedtime story that takes the reader through the highlights of what could be a typical family day (leaving out little difficulties like tantrums, tears, and spills). A trio of lime green dragons makes up this family: two parents and the Little One. They start their day when the youngster puts an end to "Daddy's snore, snore, snoring," and Mommy's sleep by hopping on the bed and awakening them, "Because that's what Little Ones do!" Hunter proceeds through the day touching on breakfast, cleanup, dressing, and daycare. Then Mommy and Daddy bring their Little One home for some family playtime after which Little One sweetly bestows upon his parents a song before bed. Once the toddler dragon is tucked in there's still plenty of time for snuggles and hugs. The simple, rhymed text's lilting cadence is pleasing to the ear, making it a perfect bedtime read-a-loud. The illustrations, on extra-firm, oversized stock are done in warm, chalky-soft tones that add to the coziness of this effort. A great choice for working parents as well as any snug family. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >