Books by Janeen Arletta Sarlin

Released: Aug. 5, 1991

"And the book, with its family photos, memories of family- farm operations, and contextual notes for every family recipe, caters to the current nostalgic mood."
Vegetables gussied up with butter, cream, and lard; oodles and oodles of cookies, cakes, and pies (``Grams'' baked pie almost every day of her married life); main dishes of home-butchered beef, ham, and pork, and kitchen-hatched chickens: This diet re-created from the author's and her mother's childhoods on a Minnesota dairy farm must violate most of the Surgeon General's guidelines for today's more sedentary population; but its genuine recipe relics—a few dreadful but most good country fare—are well worth trying on occasion. Read full book review >