Books by Janet Buell

Released: March 1, 2006

In this illustrated rhyme, readers follow a toy boat's journey from brook to ocean. Brilliant colors bring to life stunning art that blends realism with whimsy in joyful reverence to nature's diversity. Two children launch their red boat into "the wild roving brook and watch as it slides and swirls through the nooks." The vessel bobs through a lush, mossy forest as deer graze. From brook to river, it encounters myriad wildlife and insects such as whirligig beetles, a fox and frolicking otters. As a cub bear paws at the skiff, it's clear that something is about to change. Suddenly the once seemingly majestic sailboat becomes diminutive among the other craft as it enters the vast sea. A group of children playing on the beach warmly greets the little boat. As they scoop it up, readers see that it is aptly named "Friendship." The wonderful language sometimes blossoms into onomatopoeic imagery to delightful effect such as, "the slicky-back otter" and "silver-swift minnows." Deeply respectful of the places where man and nature meet, this is a serene journey of beauty. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >