Books by Janet Sayers

Released: Aug. 2, 1995

"Fascinating stories, but told with a reductionist analysis."
Fifteen all-too-brief case studies that show how abusive or emotionally neglectful father figures can permanently scar their children's lives. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 28, 1991

"Ambitious and often penetrating, a laudable effort to explain the origins of, and restore balance to, current psychoanalytic debate. (For a complementary study of early male successors to Freud, see Phyllis Grosskurth's The Secret Ring, p. 1134.) (Photographs.)"
A notable, if occasionally impenetrable, attempt to trace the shift of psychoanalysis from a patriarchal to a matriarchal emphasis by analyzing the lives and works of the most prominent female successors to Freud. Read full book review >