Books by Janet Taylor Lisle

QUICKSAND POND by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: May 16, 2017

"A suspenseful, realistic, finely crafted story exploring friendship, trust, and how we judge others. (map) (Fiction. 10-13)"
A summer beside Quicksand Pond on Rhode Island's coast transforms a reluctant 12-year-old white girl. Read full book review >
HIGHWAY CATS by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Sept. 1, 2008

"Understatedly sweet, faintly mystical and never twee. (Fantasy. 9-12)"
A poignant but dignified cat's-eye-view of a stretch of highway, a small, threatened forest and some quietly supernatural kittens. Read full book review >
BLACK DUCK by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: May 1, 2006

"Together, they make a nice one-two punch—one about the Prohibition era, one of the home front during WWII. (author's note) (Fiction. 10+)"
Two boys find a man's body on the shore. Read full book review >
THE CRYING ROCKS by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Oct. 1, 2003

"With plenty of family secrets to go around, visions from Joelle's 'Indian imagination,' and the mystery of the Crying Rocks, there's plenty here to captivate readers. (Fiction. 12+)"
Joelle stands out, and it's embarrassing. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2001

Eleven-year-old Archie habitually protects and insulates little brother Oggie, who is overcome with uncontrollable shivering when frightened, and given to hiding from the school bully in a closet. Read full book review >
THE ART OF KEEPING COOL by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"Briskly plotted, emotionally complex, brutal in incident yet delicately nuanced in the telling, a fine historical fiction. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Two stunning tragedies are at the center of this story of the WWII homefront. Read full book review >
ANGELA'S ALIENS by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Oct. 1, 1996

"A thoughtful, resonantly written puzzle. (Fiction. 9- 11)"
The fourth and final book in the Investigators of the Unknown series turns intriguingly on the way ``people never seem to like each other in equal amounts.'' Poco (who talks to animals) loves a robin who cares only for Juliette, the old cat who used to belong to their neighbor, Angela, whisked away to Mexico for a year by her high-powered parents. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"Distinctive characters—the dialogue between Poco and Georgina is always funny and true—and a compelling theme combine eloquently in a memorable work. (Fiction. 9-11)"
The third Investigators entry presents a tantalizing mystery of mother love. Read full book review >
LOOKING FOR JULIETTE by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Oct. 1, 1994

"Easy, good-quality fare. (Fiction. 8-11)"
In their second appearance, the likable ``Investigators of the Unknown'' (introduced in The Gold Dust Letters, p. 399) now include withdrawn classmate Walter Kew, while former protagonist Angela is offstage in Mexico, leaving her cat Juliette in animal- lover Poco's care. Read full book review >
THE GOLD DUST LETTERS by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: April 1, 1994

"Still, the fact that he's not responsible for the gold dust that falls mysteriously from his letters hints that there was some magic—an intriguing possibility for readers who anticipate the next appearance of these lively and likable friends. (Fiction. 8-10)"
Proclaimed as Investigators of the Unknown: Book One, this accessible offering combines earmarks of a popular series—three neatly individualized girls in a lightly mysterious adventure in which magic may be involved—with Lisle's own delicate wit, care for language, and interest in the connections between painful reality and fantasy with the power to heal. Read full book review >
FOREST by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"A deftly plotted fantasy with amusingly characterizations; a telling allegory of the roots of violence in ignorance. (Fiction. 9-13)"
From a Newbery Honor winner, the chronicle of a narrowly averted war between a society of usually peaceable squirrels and the humans who live nearby. Read full book review >
THE LAMPFISH OF TWILL by Janet Taylor Lisle
Released: Oct. 1, 1991

"A splendid, unique fantasy. (Fiction. 10+)"
Each of Lisle's books has been fresh, creative, and unlike its predecessors. Read full book review >