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LIAR by Janine Amos
by Janine Amos, illustrated by Gwen Green
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

Three stories in which children tell lies and face the consequences, with questions interspersed throughout, and a follow- up discussion. Kerry tells lies to make herself look good, Ben to get out of trouble with his teacher, and Ruth to cover up her sadness about her parents' divorce. In each case an understanding adult helps the child to resolve the situation and to learn from it. This is one of six titles in the It's Your Choice series, each of which deals with a different problem (others are Thief, ISBN 0- 7614-0094-X; Moody, 0099-0; Cheat, 0098-2; Selfish, 0096-6; and Bully, 0095-8); they have no pretensions beyond bibliotherapy; the text is rough and didactic, the solutions simplistic, and the full- color pictures could have come from a basal reader. The catchy titles, however, will surely help get these into the hands of readers who need them; style is not necessarily a prerequisite for effectiveness. (Picture book. 6-10) Read full book review >