Books by Jared Brown

Jared Brown, the author of Alan J. Pakula: His Films and His Life, Zero Mostel, and The Fabulous Lunts, has directed more than seventy productions. The former chair of Illinois Wesleyan’s School of Theatre Arts, he received the DuPont Award for Teaching E

MOSS HART by Jared Brown
Released: July 1, 2006

"Anyone seeking real insight into Hart's life and work would be better advised to pick up Dazzler or his delightful 1959 memoir, Act One."
Pedestrian biography utterly lacking the wit and charm that made the writer/director one of mid-20th-century Broadway's most beloved figures. Read full book review >
ALAN J. PAKULA by Jared Brown
Released: Sept. 1, 2005

"Like Pakula's films, Brown's biography is specific, carefully assembled and straightforward, but also sometimes tepid and flatly written."
A workmanlike study of a workmanlike filmmaker. Read full book review >

From the author of The Fabulous Lunts (1986), a well-done and highly readable life that highlights the intellectual and artistic side of Mostel that was never seen publicly. Read full book review >