Books by Jason Deeble

SIR RYAN’S QUEST by Jason Deeble
Released: April 1, 2009

Imagination lives large in this debut. Who knew that a king could live in a cupboard, that a mountain was only a staircase away or that a jungle could exist in a closet? Sir Ryan certainly does, and he crawls into the kitchen cupboard after breakfast one morning for an adventure. There he meets a king who is a creative hodgepodge of pots, strainers and forks. From the kitchen cupboard he ventures forth, meeting many men and even a monster, all amalgamations of common household objects. Each equips him further for his quest and points the way to his next stop. Deeble's artwork does not shy away from those household places usually deemed scary by the youngest set. Instead, against closet- and cellar-black backgrounds, he depicts beings who, although not un-scary, are also helpful, and most importantly, who realistically reflect the tangle of clothes hanging in the closet or the jumble of junk in the garage. The dauntless Ryan's adventure is sure to be emulated—this is the spark for an imagination bonfire. (Picture book. 4-8)Read full book review >