Books by J.C. Whitehouse

UNDER SATAN’S SUN by Georges Bernanos
Released: Sept. 20, 2001

"Not all readers will agree, but Under Satan's Sun should not be missed."
First published in 1926 and long unavailable in English translation, this vivid debut novel by the eminent French Catholic author (1888-1948) is a solid stepping-stone pointing toward the greater achievements of Bernanos's Diary of a Country Priest and The Impostor. Read full book review >
THE IMPOSTOR by Georges Bernanos
Released: May 11, 1999

"An often maddeningly discursive work that, nevertheless, accumulates great power in a devastating portrayal of a tormented soul that itself becomes a tormentor."
A new translation of an early (1927) novel by the French author (1888—1948) of at least one masterpiece, The Diary of a Country Priest, among numerous other intense explorations of the doctrinal intricacies and psychic burdens of the Catholicism that was his lifelong theme. Read full book review >